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10/01: MTG - GPT Milwaukee: Standard Format

10/08: WMH - Steamroller: TBD

10/16: Queen City Melee - A Super Smash Bros. Event

10/22: MTG - Kaladesh Game Day: Standard Format

10/23: 40K - Kill Team Tournament: Fully Painted!

10/29: X-Wing - 100pt Tournament




FNM SCHEDULE (registration ends at 6:15pm, events start at 6:30pm):

9/30 - Kaladesh Release Drafts (6:30 & 10:30), $15 entry each

10/07 - Standard, $8 entry

10/14 - Standard, $8 entry

10/21 - Standard, $8 entry

10/28 - Booster Draft, $15 entry




TUESDAY MAGIC SCHEDULE: 6:30pm start; registration ends at 6:15pm

10/04 - Modern, $8 entry

10/11 - Modern, $8 entry

10/18 - Modern, $8 entry

10/25 - Modern, $8 entry



WEEKDAY EVENING GAMESPACE EVENTS (from 5:00pm to 11:00pm):

Monday - Casual Card Games, no entry fee

Tuesday - Open Board Games, no entry fee   /  LCG Nights, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, no entry fee  /   Magic: The Gathering - Varying formats, see above schedule

Wednesday - Magic: The Gathering - Draft format, $12; pre-reg ends at 6:45pm

Thursday - Warmachine / Hordes - Miniature Wargaming, no entry fee  / Star Wars: X-Wing "Fly Casual" Nights, no entry fee

Friday - Friday Night Magic (for this week's format and entry fee see the FNM SCHEDULE above)


WEEKEND GAMESPACE EVENTS (from 11:00am to 7:00pm):

Saturday - Rotating Event Schedule (see UPCOMING EVENTS at the top of this page)

Sunday - Open Miniature Games including Warhammer, 40K, and Malifaux - no entry fee

* NOTE - Sunday open gaming is sometimes cancelled due to Magic Pre-Releases and other scheduled events, check for these at the top of this page



Sundays @ 11:00am - Free Smash Bros. Melee (unless Smash Bros. Melee Tournament, see schedule above)

Fridays @ 6:15pm - 5th Edition D&D, check the event calendar here, or email us at qstaffvt@gmail.com for details