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Pszito's got minis to sell!!!

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Pszito's got minis to sell!!!

Postby pszito » Wed May 29, 2013 3:29 pm

Howdy Qstaff forumites,

I wanted to post up here some armies I'm looking to find a new home for (admins please feel free to let me know if this is not an appropriate avenue!).

Quick summary:
- Tyranids: piles and piles including 4 Forgeworld pieces; Heirophant, Scything Hierodule, resin Trygon, Winged Hive Tyrant. Others of note - fully magnetized Carnifex, Lictors NIB, Raveners old and new, 12x scythed genestealers and custom broodlord, bits for 3 winged warriors, piles of gargoyles (old) and gaunts, old one eye, and so much more.

- Space Marines: Land Raider Crusader, over 24 various terminators, bag-o-marines, marines on sprue plus captain bits, dreadnaught on sprue, Forgeworld dual-twin-linked Morris paternal dread, 4x Land Speeders, 2x tech marines (old and new fully loaded) with 16x servitors, plenty of various HQ choices, and much more.

-IG: demolisher, old leman Russ, 11x various sentinels, 3x HQ squads, stormtroopers full metal.old unit + bits for customized stormtrooper unit, old psycher, couple artillery blisters, some vestroyans, bag of praetorians +artillery, bag of custom ordered Rough Riders, and much more.

-Sisters of Battle: whole starter army with custom cannonness, saint Celeste, 3x penitent engines, 22x battle sisters, assault weapon sister enough for squads and a dominion squad, 2x imigifiers, retributers x6, 2x witch hunter inquisitors with piles or retinue choices, 2x Forgeworld Repressor tanks with metal detail side panelling, Immolatie with Forgeworld extra armor panelling, 5x seraphim, 6x flagellants, sister repentia sqaud, and much more.

Others: Eldar harlequins (nib new and old painted squad), blister of SQUATS, squad of old dark eldar, bits and bits. Fantasy: old Lizardmen skinks, saurus warriors, croxigors, and multiple batteries of salamanders. I also have an old, like new, box of Fantasy Battle with all the minis, old copies of Armagedon, Fantasy Magic, a double copy of Battlefleet Gothic with errata and new book, a newer edition of Blood Bowl, and more.

Please message me or email Pszito@gmail.com with any questions! Thanks for looking!

Here's a link to Facebook gallery with details: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=6 ... =812072523
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