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Da Green Mountain Boyz- Warhammer Fantasy Tourney 01/14/2014

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Da Green Mountain Boyz- Warhammer Fantasy Tourney 01/14/2014

Postby JohnChastenay » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:56 am

Our Warhammer Fantasy club will be running a tourney in a few months!

I'm giving lots of heads-up and hoping we can persuade a few folks to make the trip to Winooski VT for a one-day/three round 2500 pts day of gaming. Cross roads comp will be used. We are scheduling it for January 18th 2014 (on MLK weekend.) Currently we are looking at 24 slots- but can up it if interest is high. Gaming will start at 9:30 AM.

Currently, we plan on hosting it at the Winooski VFW hall (6 Maple St, Winooski VT 05404.) Admission will be $15. A catered italian meal will be provided as part of admission. And yes, there will be prizes!

VFW also said that us gamers will have full access to their bar :thumbs up:

Us Vermonters have appreciated all the hospitality shown us in New York and New England, and would like to do our part to contribute to the Warhammer scene in the northeast.

E-mail me at johnchastenay@yahoo.com if interested. A players pack and more details will be posted closer to the event.

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