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What I did at Carnage Con

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What I did at Carnage Con

Postby Kirin Folken » Wed Nov 14, 2007 12:07 am

Back from Carnage

Well as a vendor I dont get to see much of the convention. Thankfuly the warmachine/hordes events where being held in the same room.

The Drive to Carnage was great as normal (only being 1 and a half is fantastic compared to some of my trips of 5+ hours).

Friday I chatted with friends and set up my vendor table. I normaly run a few games on fridays but this year with all the things going on I ended up not running my normal Clay-o-rama or Lego Pirate Wars.

Saturday was the big warmachine event. Well big last year anyways.... we had 13 players last year, this year we had 3. Hugh the Press ganger ended up playing as the ringer for the event so we had 4 people.

I won my first round vs Hugh by caster kill (about 20 or so minutes into the game). Hugh made the mistake of not having Shae covered by his talon, my long gunners made use of the hill and shot him for a good solid POW 16. A running lancer gave Epic Haley a nice Boosted Timb Bomb shot that finished shae off. Shae was the only model destroy in the game.

Round 2 of the tournment had me facing John and his Khador Army which after some mistakes on my parttt was not fairing to well. The Game got called on time, but I think if we had been able to squeeze out another round I would have had john. A hole in his front line gave me a TK centurion charge into Irusk opening. But we will never know if it would realy have worked.

Round 3 was me vs Kraig my long time Rival of warmachine and hordes games. Kraig is one of Q-staff best players of warmachine and hordes in my view but I have always manged to sneak by victorys on him. Every game vs him has always been a gruling match up. Except this one...

Round 2... 18 minutes into the game I moved 1 model.. alexia and ended the game. I felt really bad about it, as it didn't seem right ot wiped out so much with so little. But a win is a win..... Definitely left me wanting a rematch vs Kraig.

Everyone at the convetion seem to be having a lot of fun, and I didn't hear a single complain from anyone about anything (other then the ice machine running out of ice).

Sunday was our hordes event... which saidly again only had 3 players. It was desided that the tourment would be a 3 way head to head. This event was a lot of fun even if it wasn't typical of tourment format. We had a mosh pit in the middle that I unfrotunely got in the middle of the cross fire form circle and Skorne. However my warmonger wall did hold up very very well. In the End Kraig brother (who I forgot his name already) won the tourment on Vps with Kraig a close second.

This battle I really just went with the flow and held back to much. Legion likes to play very aggressively and loseing that edge hurts. Also a rules issue with one of kromacs powerse left me at a disadvantage (which I have found out we were playing wrong LOL ) Definitlely would love to try some more 3 way battles up here at q-staff.

At the end of the convention I packed my goods up and headed for home, tired and happy to be at yet another fun Carnage Con.
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Carnage 2008

Postby Moto Gaheris » Fri May 09, 2008 12:14 am

I just reserved a room at the Lake Morley Inn, they require a 50$ deposit, and all the suites are already taken. I reserved a room with 2 Q-sized beds and one Cot (1 extra person in the room = +20$)
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