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Quarriors! 4:00 pm Sign Up

October 20th, 2012

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Quarriors! 4:00 pm Sign Up

Postby EmperorsWrath » Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:45 pm

Quarriors Tournament Format:

1. 4 games/rounds of play.

2. Games will have a "soft" 45 minute time limit. If the event marshal determines a game that has not finished at 30 minutes is within 5-10 minutes of finishing he may extend that game by that amount of time one time only.

3. Tables of 3 or 4 players as equally divided as possible.

4. Round 1 will have random seating. Round 2 the top players (3 or 4 based on attendance) will face each other and all others will be placed based on scores as well. Rounds 4-5 will follow the same format.

5. In game scores will be added to determine tournament score. They will not be carried over from game to game to determine that game/rounds winner.

6. Winners of games/rounds will score their in game score plus 0.25.

7. If a game/round ends in a tie for most Glory then the tied player with the most dice in his Ready Area wins. If still tied then all tied players will score as if they won.

8. We will be using both the Advanced Capture Rule (you may capture up to two dice instead of one) and the Totally Expert Rule of Culling (when you score you may only Cull the die that scored and you may only score by Culling that same die).

We will be maxing out at 16 players. New players are more than welcome.

Come try a great game and support a great cause.

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