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Tuesday's Terrain: Round Goblin Tent

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Tuesday's Terrain: Round Goblin Tent

Postby EmperorsWrath » Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:02 pm

Welcome to a new weekly topic detailing new terrain for Quarterstaff's Thursday and Sunday tabletop miniature wargaming events!

Today I've been working on some resin Orc village pieces made by Grendel. Grendel is a Scottish company that made a lot of chunky terrain pieces in the early to mid 90's. The specific piece for today's post is the upper left model in the picture on this page (Goblin Encampment).

After cleaning up a few mold errors I primed the model with Krylon Ultra Flat Camouflage 4291 Khaki. This paint dries very strong and very fast, no other priming is needed. The color provides a good base for the majority of the model which is sculpted as sewn together pieces of animal hide, plus various wood and other natural materials.

Once completely dry (about an hour) I washed the model with Vallejo Model Wash 76.523 European Dust. This color is a dull grey brown that leaves a medium tone in recesses and only a slight darkening of flat surfaces. It was great for making the seams of the hide stand out. The raised up areas of the hide, held up by the support sticks underneath, as well as the upper and lower edges of the roof were heavily dry-brushed with German WWII Beige Camo followed by a light edging of 70.821 (103) German WWII Beige Camo mixed 50/50 with Vallejo Model Air 71.075 Sand. The Beige Camo is almost the same color as the Krylon Khaki, maybe a little grey-er, so helped make edges more defined against the darker wash. The airbrush Sand color was added to make the final edges pop.

The wooden sticks that hold up the walls and the roof as well as the wooden shield were washed with Vallejo Model Wash 76.514 Dark Brown to accent the grain and the edge of the sticks where they meet the hide. The wood was heavily dry-brushed with Vallejo Model Air 71.077 Wood and lightly dry-brushed with Vallejo Model Color 70.977 (125) Desert Yellow. The metal rim of the shield was painted with P3 93074 Pig Iron and given a black wash to dull the metal down a bit.

The skulls were painted with a progression of paints I use to paint a dirty bone color. The colors I used to use (20 years ago) for this progression were from paint companies that are now out of business, so I have had to mix up new ones from Vallejo colors to try and match what I used to use. The colors go from dark to light as follows:

    70.871 (147) Leather Brown mixed with a little 70.879 (114) Green Brown, 70.987 (111) Medium Grey, and 70.995 (167) German Grey.
    70.879 (114) Green Brown
    50/50 mix of 70.882 (118) Middlestone and 70.847 (123) Dark Sand
    The Middlestone / Dark Sand mixture plus White
    70.918 (005) Ivory

Other details on this model include feathers and "something" tied to the top. I decided to paint the "something" as drying herbs so I gave that area a 76.514 Dark Brown wash followed by 76.512 Dark Green. The feathers were painted with a base coat of 70.836 (161) London Grey followed by a mixture of 70.907 (153) Light Grey and WhIte. The final step was to paint the area behind the shield Black.

Yesterday I purchased all of the washes used today and I must say that my first experience with them has been a very positive one. These washes are very forgiving and don't obscure smooth surfaces with any dark pooling.

Orc, Goblins, Gatormen, Zoraida and other swamp denizens: welcome to your new dwelling! More to come!
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