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2013 Journeyman League: Slow Grow to Success

Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms

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2013 Journeyman League: Slow Grow to Success

Postby pszito » Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:26 pm

Let the games begin!

Welcome to the event page for our 5th and final league for the 2013 season; Journeyman! This is our casual 6 week progressive league for both beginners to the game and beginners to a new faction. Every participating player receives rank echelon patches based on their point standings. Top scoring players contend for most Game Points (Destroyer), most Hobby Points (Creator), and the subtly coveted Journeyman Award. Additional prizes for sportsmanship, community outreach, and army completion are available. The rules pdf for participating can be found here:


with the following exceptions:
- back by popular demand we have generated our own points scoring system, balanced to fairly award effort and ingenuity. Points breakdowns will be made available at the shop.
- we have allowed assembly, converting, and priming prior to the start date of the league. actually painting and redeeming points can only occur during the 6 week league period.
- we have allowed the inclusion of already-painted starter boxes, alternate journeyman battlegroups, and models to encourage participation of veteran players. no Hobby points will be awarded for pre-painted models.
- weekly played scenarios may vary, be prepared to get tactical!

So get out Warroom or Forward Kommander, download the pdf, clean your brushes, put on the coffee pot, line up your favorite Nextflix/Podcasts/Trilogy and get ready to let loose your inner Jr!

Cost of Entry: $5

Start Date: Thursday Nov 7th, 2013
End Date: Wed Dec 18th, 2013

Questions about League? Contact your local Pressganger! Post here, PM me, email me, text me, fox me.
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