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Summer Rampage - October 6th

Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms

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Summer Rampage - October 6th

Postby ater daeus » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:21 pm

Summer Rampage


Date: Saturday, Oct. 6th

Time: Doors Open at 11:00am, Registration Ends at 11:30 am, Tournament Starts at Noon SHARP!

Entry Fee: $7

Prizes: Summer Rampage Awards

Summer Rampage roars back to life in 2012 as a single day event. Finishing moves and Rampages return!

Listed below are all the significant changes to the original rules document concerning scoring, how prizes will be won and how you will construct your list.

We will not be using the bounty system for scoring.

DOMINATOR - One Dominator award go to the highest ranked Warmachine player. One Dominator award will go to the top Hordes player.

ARCANE MECHANIK - One Arcane Mechanik award will go to each, the second and third placed Warmachine players.

BEAST HANDLER - One Beast Handler award will go to each, the second and third placed Hordes players.

ARTISAN - One Artisan award will go to best painted caster, the other to the best painted 50mm based model or bigger. You must play the model.

RAMPAGER - The RAMPAGER award will be awarded to the player that has the most APs that involve a Finisher. So you will keep track of how many jacks/beasts you destroy with jacks/beasts. Rampages will be worth an extra 5 pts. One award to each of the top players, one Warmachine one Hordes.

Army Construction:

These will be 50 point lists. 35 points has to be Warjacks/Warbeasts. This includes your jack points. So if you have 5 jack points then you have to have atleast 40 points of jacks. No Reinforcements.

Other than that, this is a normal Steamroller.

50 pts. One list only, no Reinforcements. Remember, character restricted.

Things required to play:

Please bring one copy of your lists, you may be asked to write them out when you arrive.
Cards for all of the models you are playing.
Template set (all models need to be able to check melee so you need your widget! :D :) )
Tokens (Most anything will work but the official tokens are preferred as they are easier for everyone to read)
Measuring Tape
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