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2012 Journeyman League!!! Dec 13th - Jan 24th

Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms

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2012 Journeyman League!!! Dec 13th - Jan 24th

Postby pszito » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:15 pm

Howdy Qstaff forumites,

The final Privateer Press league of the year will kicks off Dec 13th and will run for 6 weeks, over the holidays/student break and back around into the new year.

This is the perfect time to start playing; getting intimately familiar with your starting battlebox and progressing on to a full 35 point list by week 6. For all you veteran PP crew start up a new faction! Everyone is on the same playing field; grow as you go!

Standard entry: participation prizes and winners are for most Game Points, most Hobby Points, and overall Journeyman Points.

Base rules pdf can be found here: http://privateerpress.com/files/CompleteJourneyman.pdf

Additional rules are as follows:

Players earn Gameplay Points for playing games during the week. Each player may play 4 scoring games per week. All games must be played at the store.

Points per game:
Win = 3 pts.
Loss = 1 pt.
Draw = 2 pts.

Painting (Hobby) Point have been adjusted:
Warcasters, Warlocks, Warbeasts, Warjacks and Solos:
Large Base = 6 pts.
Medium Base = 4 pts.
Small Base = 2 pts.
120 mm Base = 10 pts.

Units of 2 models = 4 pts.
Units of 3-5 models = 6 pts.
Units of 6+ = 8 pts.
Units of all Medium Bases = +2 pts.
Units of all Large Bases = +4 pts.

Rank Awards (Patches) for total points:
10 pts. = Level 2 Echelon
35 pts. = Level 3 Echelon
65 pts. = Level 4 Echelon

There will be a top 8 Steamroller at the end of the 6 week league, counting only gameplay points. The top 8 will be FULLY PAINTED with Steamroller coins as prizes.

I'm totally psyched to be running this for y'all and would like to personally invite anyone interested in Warmachine or Hordes to dive in with our great community to experience what this system has to offer. This is a casual league specifically made for you, the new player, to get down with your new models and really explore what they can do. We have thousands of hours of combined modeling, painting, and basing experience to help you turn all that metal and plastic into something mighty and proud.

For any questions or deep philosophical introspection, please contact your local friendly bearded Pressganger!
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