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March 2nd Specialist Steamroller

Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms

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March 2nd Specialist Steamroller

Postby ater daeus » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:46 pm

March SR2013 Specialist Event

PG Pszito will be rocking this event as TO.
50pts. Two list optional. Character restricted. This will be a Specialist event. Rules will be posted at the bottom.

Date: Saturday, March 2nd

Time: Doors Open at 11:00am, Registration Ends at 11:30 am, Tournament Starts at Noon SHARP! Please call the store if you know you're going to be late.

Entry Fee: $5

Prizes: Steamroller coins for 1st 2nd 3rd.

Things required to play:

Please bring one copy of your lists, you may be asked to write them out when you arrive.
Cards for all of the models you are playing.
Template set (all models need to be able to check melee so you need your widget! :D :) )
Tokens (Most anything will work but the official tokens are preferred as they are easier for everyone to read)
Measuring Tape

Specialists – Players can add a supplementary list of models/units (specialists) to each of their army lists. Specialist model/units lists are completely optional but cannot exceed the totals listed in the table below. These models are not used unless a player decides to substitute them for models/units in the
corresponding base army list in accordance with the specialist rules. Specialists must be listed separately for each army list and must follow all Field Allowance (FA) rules, including Steamroller 2013 FA C requirements between lists. Specialist selections must be models/units with a separate physical copy of a card from models/units in the corresponding main list. For example, listing the point cost required to increase a minimum unit in a list to a maximum unit by the addition of specialists is not permitted. Listing a Unit Attachment or Weapon Attachments to add to the minimum unit in the main list is permitted, however, since these models have a separate physical card that is not already in the main list and does not exceed FA.

The same rules apply for the removal of models in a list to facilitate the addition of specialists. Removals must be card-based and cannot be accomplished by point reductions (such as the removal of models from a maximum unit) or the changing of point cost options such as a Drakhun’s dismounted model.
Specialists must follow the restrictions of any Theme Force to which they are added and benefit from any applicable bonuses (including Field Allowance). All relationships determined by the player (attached, marshaled, etc.) must be clearly identified for specialist model/units. After list selection is complete both players simultaneously reveal the card(s) of models that will be removed from and added to each player’s selected list for the game. Specialist substitutions cannot result in an illegal army list.
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