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Back From Carnage - Conversion Info

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Back From Carnage - Conversion Info

Postby mattmiller » Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:52 pm


Another great Carnage weekend has come and gone. My family and I played lots of great games including some Pathfinder. The hotel is already almost completely booked up for next year (only seven rooms left)!

Pathfinder Society was a big hit at the convention. I spoke with the organizers and, as of Sunday morning, they had signed up 28 new people for the campaign over the course of the weekend. Lots of Year Zero mods were played, along with the new Year One mods. I asked lots of questions and found out some good info on the campaign.

We are all supposed to have converted our characters already for the campaign. Yes, we lose all gold and items that we own during the conversion. Things get zeroed out when you convert your character. However, after the conversion, we can still play Year Zero modules with our converted characters (DMs are encouraged to update the encounters to new Pathfinder stats).

Also, the rules for item acquisition come back into effect. This means that after we convert, we can still purchase items from our last three Chronicle sheets - including ones from before the conversion!! Basically, you lose stuff and then get to buy it back - as long as it is not over three adventures ago.

I was scheduled to play two mods during the con, but my teenaged kids couldn't get up in time for the Saturday morning slot :-( We did get to play "Hands of the Muted God" which is a good adventure that I can run for the Wednesday night group. I saw John Trombley at the con and I'm sure that he played some mods that he can run for us too.
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