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D&D Red Box Game Day: September 11, 2010

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D&D Red Box Game Day: September 11, 2010

Postby Elven Planeswalker » Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:55 am

D&D Red Box Game Day: September 11, 2010

Is there anything going on for this?
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Re: D&D Red Box Game Day: September 11, 2010

Postby Halfred » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:24 pm

When I picked up my copy on Tuesday, I asked (mgr) Jeff about it. He said that Qstaff isn't really doing much with WotC events except for Magic.

I had been in discussion with folks about running D&D Encounters, but they seem pretty disinterested. Jeff talked about the trouble getting folks to show up when they aren't sure if they'll have enough players.

It's kind of sad. I remember some nights, before they had the gaming space across the hall, when there would be three or four different games going on, some on folding card tables. It certainly doesn't help get people interested in the game when it's stuck up in the attic of another building.

I'm not really looking for another weeknight commitment, but I'd be very willing to come run some of the game-day events. If management isn't behind it, though, ... :(
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Re: D&D Red Box Game Day: September 11, 2010

Postby EmperorsWrath » Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:56 am

Geoff, it seems you've misunderstood what was discussed last week. We are glad that you have offered to DM D&D Encounters and other events but we really don't have critical mass and are stumped as to how to get players to commit. We have been trying to get folks to play, but there is no mechanism to assure people that there will be a game. People are unwilling to commit to showing up to a game that doesn't really exist yet since there is a minimum number of players required to run the encounter and they do not want to show up only to have the event canceled. I'm not sure why you think that Quarterstaff is not interested in hosting D&D but that is simply not the case.

Prior to getting the Gamespace opened Quarterstaff held after hours gaming in the store because there was no other venue. Our business policy is not to have customers in our retail location after closing since we would have to pay an additional employee to be present to prevent potential theft. I'm sorry that your opinion of Game Lounge is that it's "stuck up in the attic of another building". The fact that we have additional locations for gaming is something that we are proud of. Game Lounge is located in what used to be lawyer's offices, has two carpeted rooms and its own bathroom and kitchenette. Currently we have the Pathfinder group in there every other Wednesday evening. They are running games in both rooms and are nearly outgrowing the space. We also have the WizKids group meeting two times a week every Sunday and Tuesday night, and they are also growing in membership.

I'm certainly open for suggestions as to how to start a group that will attend with regularity, at this point all we can do is continue to offer what we can to the customers and hope for the best.
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