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Carnage looking for Boardgame GMs

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Carnage looking for Boardgame GMs

Postby Waylander » Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:14 am

Hello all!

We are just five months away from Nothing but Carnage. We are in full swing of getting great games and great GMs to run them. We are planning on presenting another excellent selection of Boardgames for you this year! Below is a wish list of Boardgames we would love to have at Carnage 12. This is in no way a complete list. There are many great games not on this list that we would love to have as well. Also not all these games will neccessarily be run at Carnage. But we will try! So if you are interested in GMing this year and feel comfortable running any of these games, please use our GM submission form at the http://www.carnagecon.com website. (or email me directly mrgarabaldi005@yahoo.com with your game or any questioins) Be sure to include your prefered time slot to run, as well as a back up slot. If you want to GM and don't see your game in our wish list.... still go to the GM submission form and submit your game! All games submissions are welcome! Our deadline this year is Aug 5th. So on with the list:

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
Age of Conan
Galaxy Trucker
Chicago Express
El Grande
Here I Stand
In the Year of the Dragon
Last Night on Earth
Le Havre
Notre Dame
Twilight Imperium
Pillars of the Earth
Pirates Cove
Power Grid
History of the World
Memoir 44
Railroad Crayon games
Race for the Galaxy
Thurn and Taxis
Ticket to Ride
Shogun (Samurai Swords)
Stone Age
Space Alert
Settlers of Catan
Small World
Snow Tails
Age of Steam

And there are a few new games...not yet out that look interesting enough that we mention them here. Hopefully they will be available at Carnage. And if you have a copy or will be getting a copy we would love to have you showcase them at Carnage!

Rise of Empires
At the Gates of Loyang
Tales of the Arabian Nights

And one final game that we would love to have run in a tournament format. That game is Dominion. We are looking for someone to either run a Dominion Tournament for us, or help us to run one.

So get your game submissions in for Carnage 12. The Deadline is Aug 5th! Looking forward to hearing from all you GMs out there!
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Re: Carnage looking for Boardgame GMs

Postby Kirin Folken » Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:48 am

Blarg... aug 5!?! I just found this post :(
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