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Pszito's got CCGs to sell!

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Pszito's got CCGs to sell!

Postby pszito » Wed May 29, 2013 3:39 pm

Howdy Qstaff forumites,

I've unearthed some serious collections of various CCGs that need a new home (admins please let me know if this is not an acceptable avenue)! This includes large collections of Vampire:the Eternal Struggle (mostly Jyhad), Rage: the Apocalypse, Battletech, World of Warcraft, the Spoils, Anachronism, Vs System (mostly marvel and some DC), and small collections of others like Highlander, Eve, Mystical Empires, and more.

Please message or email Pszito@gmail.com with any questions.

Link to Facebook gallery with more details: https://m.facebook.com/pszito?v=photos& ... =812072523
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