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TRU Gaming / VGC Theros October SUPERDRAFT

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TRU Gaming / VGC Theros October SUPERDRAFT

Postby TruDeeps » Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:56 pm


TRU Gaming VT and Vermont Gaming Community presents:


Saturday, October 5th
85 Winooski Falls Way Function room, Winooski Vt, 05404
10am - 8pm

This will be the first event you can qualify for our second CUSTOM PLAYMAT give away for this month! Each entry into either a main or side event will also get you one entry into the playmat giveaway!

**Main Event:
Players 20-32
3-4 rounds w/ Top 8

Players will draft 3 packs of Theros to construct a 40 card deck to play with for 3-4 rounds of Swiss pairings. A top 8 will be determined. Those 8 players will draft 3 packs of Theros a second time again constructing a 40 card deck to play with in 3 more rounds of single elimination.

**Side Events:
Sign ups will be available for players wishing to play in the following side events, all of which will fire when 8 players have entered.

Draft: 3-0: 3packs / 2-1: 1pack
At the end of 3 rounds players with a winning record get prizes

Draft: Swiss
3 rounds of play. Win a pack get a prize

Draft: 8/4
Single Elimination.
1st place gets 8 packs
2nd place gets 4 packs

Draft: 4/3/2/2
Single Elimination.
1st place gets 4 packs
2nd place gets 3 packs
3rd place gets 2 packs
4th place gets 2 packs

Casual - Trading:

All extra packs will be up for sale at the end of the day!
$4 each
3 for $10

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