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Dystopian Wars- Initial review

The Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars

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Dystopian Wars- Initial review

Postby Draconian » Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:14 am

I have picked up the rules for Dystopian Wars and I am impressed. The game is set in an alternate steam punk meets Victoriana background. The rules are well written and the examples are specific and accurate. This was not true for Firestorm Armada, which had errors in the examples. I am a big fan of the scale as well which should allow for maneuver to be a bigger part of the game. I think that this is missing in a lot of games currently on the market where the army often takes the whole board (fantasy and 40k) or the table is smaller (Hordes and Warmachine) both of which confine the figures to a smaller area. I also like combined arms, in this case land, naval, and air. The game will eventually have robots and monsters in addition the more normal tanks, planes, and ships. The core mechanic is the same as for Firestorm Armada and is quite straight forward. The rules are more complex than Firestorm Armada or Warhammer 40K with the complexity coming from the interactions of the different unit types. Most of the units have additional special rules which may slow the game down initially. The special rules are linked mostly to unit type or nationality rather than to the special nature of the model. I have not played yet but I think it will play somewhere between 40k and Warmachine with the feel of a historical game. The game seems like it will be scenario driven, with buildings already part of the core rules. I will post a review of how the game plays after I have tried it.
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