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Firestorm Armada Campaign Starts January 5th, 2013

The Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars

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Firestorm Armada Campaign Starts January 5th, 2013

Postby EmperorsWrath » Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:53 pm

To: Fleet Captains of Fathom's Reach

Hostilties have begun! Dindrenzi forces have taken Alliance Fuel Refinery 42 orbiting the gas giant in the Jaz'honrahd Reeghis system. This action has escalated the tensions in the Storm Zone to a full shooting conflict. The battle lines have been drawn and fleets are moving out from systems along the border to engage enemy targets. The ultimate military goals for the forces involved appear to be the annihilation of enemy rear naval bases and the capture of key systems along the way. This is it boys, this is WAR!

Fleet Composition Phase One -
completely painted starter boxed sets to include ONLY the following: 1 MK I Battleship, 3 MK I Cruisers, 6 MK I Frigates

Fleet Composition Phase Two (750 points) -
completely painted units, Phase One models plus MK II variants, if any, plus Wings, Carriers (any MK), Escorts, and Heavy Cruisers (separate units or added into standard Cruiser units)

Fleet Composition Phase Three (1000 points) -
completely painted units, Phase One and Phase Two models plus all other core fleet models AND corresponding Alliance or League allied models but NOT including models from Marauders of the Rift

On Saturday January 5th at 11:00 am all participants MUST bring their painted starter box fleets and attend the Campaign Launch Party at Quarterstaff Games where Fleet Admirals for the two sides will be elected and Turn One battles will be fought. This is the only mandatory event in the campaign.

Each turn will begin with an email titled "Call for Attack" which will include the total number of attacks allowed for each side, which is equal to the number of victories from the previous turn's battles. This will start the 48 hour clock for participants to discuss via any means determined by their alliance how to assign their attacks. Attacks may be made from a friendly system to any connected enemy system as long as the friendly system has a supply line back to at least one friendly base. "Cut off" friendly systems may not be used to launch an attack. Once the attacking players and which systems they are attacking have been determined it is up to each side's Fleet Admiral to reply with their orders. For example: if the Kurak Alliance has three attacks the Fleet Admiral could send the following: Steve attacks system 56, Brennan attacks system 07, Kelsey attacks system 28. If orders are not submitted by the end of the 48 hour period (Fleet Admirals do not need to take the entire 48 hours, the sooner the orders come in the better) then that side forfeits their attacks for that turn. Once orders for both sides have been received, or the 48 hour period has passed, the orders will be added to the campaign map and the next phase of the turn will start.

Once the attacked systems have been added to the map another email will be sent titled "Call for Defense". Admirals will then have another 48 hours to discuss and send orders defining which non-attacking players are defending against the enemy attacks. Alliances will be able to see the players and fleets associated with each attack and can assign defending fleets as they feel advantageous. Once the defending orders for both sides have been received a new map with each battle will be posted on the campaign webpage. Players must then play their battles in a reasonable amount of time, planning with their opponent. Battles do not need to take place at Quarterstaff, but can if requested and we have table space available. Once the final battle for the current turn has been played and the results have been communicated to me (via email) then the final turn results will be added to the campaign map and a new turn will commence.

All battles will be played using the rules from the new hardcover book. Fleets in Phase Two and Phase Three will be created using Tournament percentages (Fleet Organization pp 25, 26). Terrain may be set up by any agreeable means. Victory Conditions defined on page 27 will be used, battles that result in a Draw will go to the defender.

Participants in Rutland and Northfield can only be attackers once every other turn because their opponent is automatically the defender and will switch roles in the subsequent turn to keep things fair. Arrangements can be made to have other players travel in case playing the same opponent over and over gets boring, which I would imagine it will.

Since the campaign requires painted fleets everyone should be painting or have already painted their starter box fleet. During Phase One while players are using their painted starter box fleets they can be painting the new units that they would like to deploy during Phase Two, which will tentatively start at Turn Four depending on how long battles are taking to play.

The participants that have signed up so far are:

Alliance of Kurak - 9 players

Kelsey Bull
Paul Dolan (Northfield)
Matt Goodrow

Ben Tracy
[Brennan Martin]
[Jeff Durochia]

Antonin Robbason (Rutland)
Steve Tracy
Patrick Laforge (Montreal)

Zenian League - 9 players

John Candido
Patrick Crowley
Ben Jewkes
Ned Blake

Brian Crane (Rutland)
Connor Wright
Connor McLenithan

Mike Audette
Roberto Lint

Brennan Martin and I both have Alliance and League fleets so we can make the sides equal, or as equal as possible, in January once the participant list has been finalized.
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Re: Firestorm Armada Campaign Starts January 5th, 2013

Postby SheepBoy » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:53 pm

Last night I put the final touches on my Directorate starter fleet plus carrier. Now I am all set for January..... oh.. wait... I'm supposed to be playing Aquans.

Back to the painting table.....

But while I am here, I will try to load some pictures. It would be great to see what other people will be bringing to the table next month!



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Re: Firestorm Armada Campaign Starts January 5th, 2013

Postby Forgeronfurieux » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:53 pm

Hi guys,

Here my question: At the meeting january 5th, did we spoke about to respond in 48 hours for email ?
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