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Event Submission Policy

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Event Submission Policy

Postby pszito » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:44 pm

The following is the official write up of our Event Submission Policy. This is the tangible, written form of the process we have been operating under since day one. Please observe that this pertains to all events intended on being run here, not individual requests to use our space. Those requests are to be directed to the staff member on schedule at that time and are at their discretion to approve or deny.

The Policy:

Our goal is to provide the community, the diverse yet intertwined entity as a whole, with the space, time, and resources it needs to enjoy an extreme range of games. With the launch of our own dedicated Game Space, a new era has arrived in our capabilities to provide the above needs and has been met with an equal if not greater demand for usage! To accommodate , the following policy has been established to help us grow and better support the community:

To run an event at Quarterstaff Games you must contact the Events Coordinator via
-phone (802-863-3666),
-email (qstaffvt@gmail.com),
-or in store (check for business hours).
Please provide your contact information if you have not submitted to us before, noting your preferred method of contact.
The following information needs to be provided with your submission so we can accurately schedule your event:

-Time (ie: date, start, duration, if it repeats. Consider store hours and setup time)
-Space (ie: room choice, tables required, any other spacial needs)
-Materials (ie: gaming supplies, product required for limited/sealed events, prize support, use of computer, etc. simply put anything you yourself will not be providing but require for your event)
-Entry (be sure to mention if there is a cost to enter, perhaps resulting from any materials above or to cover any special services we provided for you)
-Capacity (ie: # of potential, required, and/or max players/participants)
A Description of the event to be used on our calendars, thusly containing any of the above information pertinent to the players/participants. Optimally this should be no longer than a paragraph yet still sell the event!
-Any other Special Needs or aspects of your event also need to be noted in the submission process (ie: exceptionally loud, food service, any legally sensitive issue, promotional considerations, etc.) We can provide and/or accommodate a variety of services, however, this has it's limitations.

Upon receipt and review of your submission we will contact you to confirm the event. Any questions, changes, or suggestions will be addressed and the event can then be solidified.
It is assumed that events run at Quarterstaff Games are open to the public as we aim to accommodate the greater community, unless this has been submitted as a private event and at which point other considerations may be needed. As a privately owned small business, we reserve the right to refuse submissions and/or access to our facilities for any reason.

Submissions must come to us in a timely fashion, which is to say that we plan most events AT LEAST a month in advance. Our long term calendar is six months in, which means it's never too early to submit your event (regardless of it's solidity, we'd like to know your plans)! We give our space to events that are given proper time and promotion, not to sporadic or impulsive ones.
We provide free publicity and advertising of your event through our monthly printed calendar (cut-off to make print is the 20th of the month prior), our own website (www.QuarterstaffGames.com including our linked forums and up-to-date online calendar), and in-store publicity. Our staff are knowledgeable in all events we run and inform each potential player to maximize event exposure. Any additional advertising or promotion we leave to the discretion of the coordinator. However, we strongly encourage it as years of experience have shown properly promoted events vastly surpass even their own expectations (this includes fliers in and out of store, using our forums to reach out to the community, giving out promotional material, other community outreach, etc).

Quarterstaff Games does operate under a strict code of conduct which exists to provide a positive and open environment for the community. If you are not familiar with it please ask for a copy or read one of the many posted about the facility. It is the responsibility of BOTH the store staff and submitter to enforce the code during their event and no event is an exception to the code.

If you have any questions about the submission process, don't hesitate to reach us.

Our long term goal is to grow the community through regularly run professional and fun events! Given enough time, energy, and good people we will surpass even this growth's potential and have to once again see how we can stretch out into the world even further!
A huge thank you goes out to every game coordinator that has helped us build this great community back up, every volunteer that lifted a paint brush to our new space, each and every player that keeps on coming back, and every community member who helps us grow in the future!

~Nick Curtis
Quarterstaff Games Event Coordinator
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~<{ Nick }>~
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